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Life Coaching for Women

We Breakthrough the Obstacles of Life to Achieve

Ultimate Success

About Us

She Survived It LLC is a life coaching service for women who want to experience the other side of their pain, so they can live in complete peace. We strive to help heal the hurt and find strategies to live life in victory going forward.


Life can be challenging for everyone. This is especially true for women who are experiencing it alone. Coach Shicole has a solution for that. She has developed a process to empower women to achieve more in life, discover their voice in situations and explore their healing process all while she is right there holding their hands. Her coaching style is intimate and intentional for every client. Find out more and sign up for your session today! 


Shicole Ashford is a Certified Life Coach dedicated to transforming the lives of women of all ages. Her personal story of triumph, peace and survival will inspire any woman to push through all circumstances. She travels all over speaking at schools, churches, conferences and more. Discover more about her story and how she can be a blessing to your next women's event. 


Every woman who survives all the hard times that life brought to her wants the world to know. They want to not only get the word out on how God brought them through it, but they want to do it with style! And now they can! Coach Shicole has designed Survival Items for every woman that has made it through the storm.  Start wearing your badge of honor and get your gear today!


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