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Our Founder

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Shicole Ashford is a woman of strong faith belief, a woman who has experienced marriage, divorce, single parenting, a grieving mother/daughter (loss of a child and parents), a highly educated woman, who loves learning and helping others. She has a diverse background throughout the business and healthcare fields. Shicole has held positions as the Director of Financial Aid, Assistant Administrator, Admissions Director, and her current role is Administrative Assistant for Operations and Facility at New Life Covenant Church Southeast. She holds a Master's Degree in Public Administration for Non-Profit Organizations and Masters in Business Administration in Health Care. 

Shicole has realized that within her own life, she has experienced a lot of trials while accomplishing her goals, which has matured her to become the woman she is today. She has a passion for helping others, motivating, and encouraging others to assist them with pursuing their goals by providing resources and empowering them to make their goal become a reality.
 The ability to recognize the attention to detail, intense customer focus, strong analytical and problem-solving skills, innovative thinking, and quality deliverable are a few of her strong qualities. In business, "you must have the ability to establish a strong and influential partnership in and outside the organization." Shicole's character allows her to offer excellent leadership skills, quality orientation, exceeding services, and customer expectoration that opens opportunities to Coach and lead a very productive and successful professional environment. As an individual who strives to reach all the goals that she set for herself shows that she is very ambitious.

One of her most significant achievements is completing her educational goals; while earning her degrees, she became a role model for those who think that it was unattainable. She is a leader who knows what it means to be loyal, compassionate, communicate, motivate, and show strong work ethics. She is a very dedicated and persistent person with excellent communication and organizational skills. Shicole is an individual who strives for success, not just in her professional life, but in her personal life as well. Her work not only represents the company she works for but the person that she is.

Motivational Speaking 

Shicole's story is so inspiring for women of all ages. Her heart's desire is to motivate, encourage and support any woman in need, no matter the location. Shicole would love to speak at your next women's empowerment event at your location church, school, conference or meeting. Her authentic conversations with girls and women will bless virtual and in person audiences everywhere. For booking information, please email your request to today!

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