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Life Coaching is a very intentional commitment and support for our clients. We take it very serious. We walk the journey to freedom and peace with you. Our job is not done until you receive a breakthrough and achieve your goals. Here from some of our very own clients explain their experiences. 

In Their Own Words


What can I say about Shicole, she's a fighter, and encourages you of all things self love! She is the type of coach and friend you'd want on your side when you're going through good and bad times. Shicole encourages you to reach to God but not only that she practices what she coaches, she is a powerful woman of God and refuses to give up on you as you go through your transitions in life. Life is a journey with highs and lows, through every step of the highs and lows, Shicole has the tools that have helped me on a daily basis. I am grateful to not only know her but to call her a friend, and sister in Christ!



Shicole is a very influential and spiritual woman whenever I need advice or spiritual direction; I can always count on her to steer me towards the right path. Last year I was going through a stressful season at my job. The treatment I endured from the manager, supervisor, and co-workers was terrible and caused me to go into a depression. It was difficult going into work every day due to the hostile work environment that was created by management.  To deal with the situation, I had to develop a mindset on a daily basis.  Every morning on my way to work, I would call Shicole, she prayed with me and encouraged me continuously.  It was with her leadership, her spiritual guidance, and that strong motivation that helped me get through those most difficult times.  Looking back at that season of my life, I realized that I would have lost my mind if it weren’t for her ministering to me daily and her consistent praying.  I will be forever grateful for her humbling spirit, constant faithfulness, and her love to help others.  

Ms. Ashford is such an inspiring & anointed person. She has helped me with my marriage just by being there, listening & giving good healthy advice. She is not the type to be bias, judgmental nor pass judgment. She is such an inspiration that you would walk away not only seeing the bigger picture but moving forward in a different light. She is a positive role model that has taught me so much & I am constantly learning from her wisdom every day. 

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